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Mayra Veronica Launches Weight Loss Product

12/28/11 at 6:45 PM EST – International entertainer and sex symbol Mayra Veronica has launched Hermosa Escultura, a revolutionary new weight loss product to help women everywhere get the beautifully sculpted body she is famous for. Hermosa Escultura is available exclusively atHermosaEscultura.com.
Cuban American Mayra Veronica, a household name in Hispanic homes, has taken America by storm after moving to Hollywood. While Mayra is known for her voluptuous curves, she felt the pressure to be slim and sexy in Hollywood. “It was becoming more difficult to keep my weight down for my new TV show!” Mayra Veronica lamented. “I have never been one to quit when things get hard. I knew I would either find the perfect diet pill, or make one myself!”

Mayra was frustrated from wasting time trying out all the diet pills on the market with no results and sometimes unpleasant side effects. She decided to make her own weight loss supplement, partnering with businessmen Chris King and Ted Dhanik after hearing about the amazing effects of African Mango on weight loss. Not just another fad, the patented extract of the Irvingia gabonensis seed was backed by solid science, with the average person losing 28 pounds in 10 weeks.

Mayra was impressed by how King’s and Dhanik’s friends and clients had lost weight fast too, without sacrificing their curves or muscle tone. With another TV show just around the corner, Mayra tried out this “miracle” weight loss pill. She was amazed by how her appetite was curbed and the weight came off in just the right places. Her trouble spots were free of jiggle but she still had her gorgeous assets that made her famous.
Mayra knew she had to share her weight loss secret with Hispanic women who didn’t have access to African Mango. “It is so difficult for Latina women to prevent weight gain without sacrificing their curves they love so much. I had to share my simple weight loss secret with Latinas worldwide.”

Hermosa Escultura, named after Mayra Veronica’s beautifully sculpted figure, is the only weight loss supplement on the Hispanic market with powerful patented African Mango extract and available exclusively atHermosaEscultura.com.

The top host and model on the Univision TV network after working on the Don Francisco Presenta Show, Mayra has sold more calendars than any Hispanic celebrity to date and graced the covers of over 100 National and International magazines. She is active in charity, working as a Spokesperson for USO and UNICEF with over 8 worldwide tours performing for American troops. She has broken barriers as the first Cuban American to ring the NASDAQ stock market bell and has been honored as a Speaker at the Presidential Inaugural Ball with Larry King. After branching out into music Mayra reached number three on the Billboard Charts for her single “Freak Like Me,” solidifying her position as one of the most powerful and versatile Hispanic female celebrities.

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