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Sarah Palin had Hot Sweaty Sex with Glen Rice NBA Player

Sarah Palin bedding basketball star Glen Rice, snorting cocaine and cheating on her husband?

You betcha!

The scandalous details are revealed in the highly-anticipated tell-all “The Rogue: Searching for The Real Sarah Palin,” written by best-selling author Joe McGinniss.

Palin bedded future NBA player Rice while he was playing college hoops at the University of Michigan, the National Enquirer reports about the McGinniss book. The sharp-shooting Rice – who spent one season with the Knicks – was playing in the annual “Great Alaska Shootout” while Palin was a sports reporter with Anchorage television station KTUU, the Enquirer said.

Their one-night stand over Thanksgiving weekend 1987 reportedly occurred in the dorm room of Palin’s kid sister at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Palin was described by a friend as the aggressor, with the pal reporting “she hauled his ass down,” the Enquirer said. Less than a year later, Palin was pregnant by husband Todd and the couple eloped.

The book also repeated allegations – denied in the past by Palin – that she had a six-month affair with her husband’s business partner in the mid-’90s. The dalliance put a chill on the Palin marriage, with Todd complaining to friends about the loss of intimacy in their relationship, the Enquirer reported. The book also reports that Palin was once seen snorting cocaine off the top of a 55-gallon drum while snowmobiling with friends. She also smoked pot with a professor while at Mat-Su College, the book says.

And it quotes a Palin family friend as saying that husband Todd Palin also snorted coke, describing him as “on the end of the straw plenty.” The Enquirer quoted a publishing source about the explosive stories contained in the 320-page book, due in stores next week.

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Glen Rice had sex with Sarah Palin