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Fail Video – Clumsy Dad Drops Kid at Australian Rules Football Game

May 17, 2014 at 7:32 PM ET – They always said that being a parent of a small child is a bit of a juggling act. That couldn’t prove more true than what happened in a Youtube video by the Northern Footy Show, which in the past provided coverage on Australian Rules Football for the Northern Football League in Melbourne, Victoria. Watch what happens in the video background as host Ramon Pinyataro interviews a player.

father drops babe kid Australian football game

Video of Jason Garza Corpus Christi Quarterback Trick Play

Driscoll Middle School in Corpus Christi, Texas pulls off an incredible trick play in the following video. Driscoll was trailing Wynn Seale in the fourth quarter, when coach Art Rodriguez decided to run the play with Latino quarterback Jason Garza.

Garza was able to get Wynn Seale to jump offside with a long snap count. An assistant shouted that the officials needed to mark off 5 more yards, and told Garza to get the ball and do it himself. Garza asked his center to hand him the ball over his shoulder, which is a legal snap. He casually took five steps, and then sprinted towards the end zone for a touchdown.

Texas Tech vs Baylor Onside Kick Fail

Texas Tech fails horribly against Baylor in the first quarter. Cornelius Douglas obviously realized that the ball hadn’t traveled the required 10 yards that would have allowed the Raiders to recover it, but he didn’t realize that the ball was still live. Terrance Ganaway promptly picked it up and ran for a TD while Douglas and kicker Donnie Carona stood there staring at it.