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Legendary Mexican Rock Band Café Tacvba to receive the 2015 LA Musa Icon Award at the Annual Induction Gala of the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame

September 18, 2015 at 12:48 AM ET [The Connection Hall] – Legendary Mexican rock band Café Tacvba will be honored with the 2015 ‘LA MUSA ICON AWARD’ during the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame 3rd Annual induction Gala, LA MUSA AWARDS, to be held this October 15th in Miami Beach presented by WorldArts (WorldArts.com). The rockers will also be performing during this star studded gala event.

Their last album, “El Objecto Antes Llamado Disco” was nominated for a Latin Grammy and was named by iTunes as the best Latin Album of 2012, The notable, worldwide music app describe the album as “a masterpiece with 45 minutes of pure musical ecstasy.” This album was also included in the lists of the Best Albums of 2012 by NPR (National Public Radio) and LA Times.

Band members Ruben Albarran (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Emmanuel del Real (keyboards and vocals), Joselo Rangel (guitar) and Quique Rangel (bass) are known for combining several genres of music within one song; such as rock, hip hop, electronica and folk music. With a musical career spanning over 25 years, Café Tacvba is considered one of the most important and influential rock bands not only in the Hispanic American community but also worldwide. Among their award accolades include a Grammy, a Latin Grammy and also the MTV Legend Award presented to them by Steven Patrick Morrissey. Newsweek hailed the band by stating “Mexico City’s Café Tacvba breathes new life into rock music, reaffirming faith in form while pushing it forward more aggressively and artfully then anyone since the Beatles“.

The band recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of their album ‘Re’, which became one of the albums that defined Latin American rock and was named by Rolling Stone magazine as the “Greatest Latin Rock Album of All Time.”

During their prolific career, Café Tacvba has made a few films: “Seguir Siendo”, directed by Ernesto Contreras, was launched in 2010 and covers the experiences of the band on tour through countries like Japan, the United States, Argentina as well as Mexico. The second cinematographic piece is named after their latest album, “El Objecto Antes Llamado Disco”, a documentary filmed during the recording of this album. The unique feature of this movie is based on how it was filmed – in public – and in cities such as Buenos Aires, Santiago, Mexico City and Los Angeles; showing the most intimate part of the production process from the band, working alongside producer Gustavo Santaolalla who is being inducted this year into the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame during LA MUSA 2015 awards.

Quincy Jones, Rita Moreno, Gloria Estefan, Dionne Warwick, Paul Williams, Alejandra Guzman, Beto Cuevas, Cristian de la Fuente, Omar Alfanno, Lena Burke, Beatriz Luengo, Fantine, Yotuel, as well as exciting new artists Isabela Moner and Anthony De La Torre will be on stage at this year’s Latin Songwriters Hall Of Fame 2015 LA MUSA AWARDS Induction Ceremony Directed by Richard Jay-Alexander and Conducted by Maestro Eduardo Marturet of the Miami Symphony Orchestra.

Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame website: http://www.latinsonghall.com/
Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame Twitter: https://twitter.com/LatinSongHall
Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LatinSongHall

Cafe Tcvba Latin songwriter hall of fame

Mexican Dubwiser Debut Album “Revolution Radio” Out May 14

April 17, 2013 at 2:24 AM ET [ER:M+M] – Internationally known Mexican Dubwiser (Marcelo Tijerina) hails from Monterrey, Mexico. Currently a Los Angeles resident, Marcelo has risen up the ranks to become one of the most promising (and busiest) DJs, producers and performers, fusing Cumbia with rock, reggae, funk and dub music. His debut CD Revolution Radio, produced by Mexican Dubwiser and Ulises Lozano (Kinky), which will introduce his post futuristic sounds to audiences of all kinds, is set for a May 14 release on Billy Gould/Faith No More’s label, Koolarrow Records. In fact, there is a fantastically unique song sampled from Faith No More’s tune “Stripsearch” called “Trouble in My Soul.” Billy lends his bass and guitar playing to the tune and accompanying video. “Trouble in My Soul” also features Artwork Jamal on vocals and Ulises Lozano of Kinky on accordion. “Marcelo has taken the essence of the song ‘Stripsearch’ to an entirely different place, which to me is the hallmark of a great collaboration,” says Billy Gould.

Those familiar with contemporary Latin music will recognize some heavyweight names among the collaborators on Revolution Radio. Marcelo explains, “I am open to all sorts of sounds, from the Beatles to Skrillex, from Perez Prado to the Clash, from Andres Landeros to Dr Dre, from Louis Armstrong to Thievery Corporation, from Fela Kuti to Café Tacvba. And of course Faith No More and other excellent rock bands. I’m always looking for new things, even if they were recorded before I was born, and to me, everything is new that I haven’t heard. I’m always looking for music from all over the world, and listening to it is what inspires my own music.” Revolution Radio includes collaborations with Billy Gould/FNM, and also Ulises Lozano (Kinky), Ruben Albarran (Cafe Tacvba), Pato Machete (Control Machete), Blanquito Man (King Chango), Celso Piña (well known Cumbia player), Yarah Bravo (artist), DJ Vadim (well known DJ/producer), Treasure Don, Artwork Jamal and Rocky Dawuni.

Faith No More adapted Cumbia style isn’t what one would expect…then again, Marcelo can always be counted on to do the unexpected. “I have always been a Faith No More fan. Everything started with the idea that I had of making a remix of the song ‘Stripsearch.’ I started by creating an original song, ‘Trouble in My Soul,’ which is more than a cover. I had the idea of using just the keyboard sample…it has the same cadence as ‘Stripsearch.’ But it’s a whole different approach, and uses elements of several musical genres: blues, rock, drum & bass, and Cumbia.”

Marcelo concludes, “I became a DJ for fun. It’s always been because I feel happy every time I play music for people, seeing their reaction. Just DJing was cool, until I got to a point where I need to do more for myself. I had to make a step to grow, and that’s when I started recording original music and making Dubwiser a band. I am more than just a DJ: Mexican Dubwiser is a sound system. I am a DJ who also likes to put on live shows with a full band.”

Mexican Dubwiser official website: http://koolarrow.com/mexican-dubwiser/
Mexican Dubwiser on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mexicandubwiser
Mexican Dubwiser on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MexicanDubwiserMusic
Mexican Dubwiser on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/mexicandubwiser
Mexican Dubwiser on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mexicandubwiser

Mexican Dubwiser

107.1FM Celebra 15 años en Reventon Super Estrella 2012

June 14, 2012 at 3:08 PM ET [Digital Girl] – En 1997 la emisora Súper Estrella 107.1FM de Los Ángeles rompió todos los esquemas con un nuevo formato que se ha convertido en toda una tradición de la música en español en Estados Unidos

Así por primera vez convocó a los principales artistas del momento y desde entonces ‘Reventón Súper Estrella’ es uno de los shows más esperados no solo por los fans sino por los mismos artistas que convierten a este festival en uno de los mejores conciertos cada año.

Este año ‘Reventón Súper Estrella’ tomará lugar el proximo 10 de agosto en el Staples Center en Los Angeles, CA las estrellas de rock mexicano Café Tacvba, Julieta Venegas, Kinky & Moderatto, los españoles Hombres G y Mikel Erentxun, la banda argentina de rock Enanitos Verdes y el chileno Beto Cuevas, todos pioneros y referentes de la ‘música en tu idioma’.

Con esta alineación de lujo se encuentran leyendas de la música latina con el público que siempre los ha seguido desde el inicio de sus carreras y se mantiene la tradición de la ‘música Súper Estrella tocando todos los éxitos primero solo en tu idioma’. Desde el pasado viernes cuando sus locutores Keven, Bely y Alexxx III revelaron la alineación de artistas que estarán invitados a ‘El Reventón Súper Estrella’ la expectativa sigue creciendo y se espera una gran venta de boletos, cuando estén disponibles a partir del proximo viernes 15 de junio a las 10 AM PST en www.ticketmaster.com .

Como ha sido costumbre, las entradas para este gran evento esperan ser agotadas en los primeros días del inicio de la venta oficial. Y la única manera de poder ganar boletos será escuchando Súper Estrella 107.1FM o vía sus páginas oficiales de Facebook y Twitter .

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Reventon Super Estrella 2012