Taser Wielding Atlanta Security Guard Darien Long Fired

March 20, 2013 at 12:15 PM ET – Darien Long earned the nickname “Kickass Mall Cop” by his supporters after a video of the Atlanta Metro Mall security guard using a taser on a woman went viral. But now Long, who is a property manager at the indoor shopping center, will be looking for new employment.

In an interview via Skype with Right This Minute shot on March 19, 2013, Long explained that he had been let go from his job. The interview took place after one of long’s latest taser videos went viral, below is our transcript of Right This Minute’s interview:

Long spoke with Right This Minute about the details of his employment release, and his expectations for the Atlanta Metro Mall after he will no longer serve as security:

RightThisMinute: I understand that you just got some pretty bad news.

Darien Long: Oh yeah, I won’t be working here. My last day of work is March 31st.

RightThisMinute: Is that a result of this video?

Darien Long: I think it was a result of a lot of things, the publicity… It’s not one thing, it’s all things.

RightThisMinute: Were you shocked, were you surprised when you were let go?

Darien Long: No. I mean, you could kind of see the writing on the wall. Two of the vendors actually leaving, revenues are down. There’s a whole bunch of stuff going on.

RightThisMinute: Darien what do you think is going to happen after March 31st when you’re done working there?

Darien Long: Within two or three days, the drug dealers will start to come back in, once they know I’m not there.

RightThisMinute: Darien you know what you may do next, are you going to continue to stay in security and continue to try and clean up Atlanta?

Darien Long: I’m gonna look for a job. After these interviews and these videos, and the people in the industry thinking that’s not really really professional, and people more concerned about their liability than what’s going on, It may make it particularly tough for me to get another job in this field. I don’t know, we’ll see.

Video of the interview may also be viewed here:

March 22, 2013 Update: According to a new article by the Huffington Post, Atlanta Metro Mall security guard Darien Long has been arrested for battery after allegedly tackling someone at the Metro Mall.

Atlanta security guard Darien Long fired