World’s Cheapest Whisky – Kadco Armaan’s Black Booster

November 10, 2012 at 3:31 AM ET – In the ongoing search for the world’s cheapest whisky, Eduard Khil may have struck the jackpot. Introducing Black Booster, brought to us by the good people at Kadco in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Contained in what ominously appears something similar to an antifreeze container, Black Booster is bargain priced at only $3.65 for five liters of “premium quality” whisky.

And according to a recent news release on the African Young Voices website, an official of the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau at Cline Town has assured the general public that the beverage is “safe for human consumption.” With that kind of reassurance, it is clearly a delicious beverage.

Worlds Cheapest Whiskey - Black Booster