Model Ayden Marie Vargas is Hypnotically Beautiful

12/15/11 – 1:38 PM EST – Ayden Marie Vargas may be a stunning model of Puerto Rican and Mexican descent, but don’t think that’s all. Representing Los Angeles in the 2012 Miss California USA pageant, the breathtaking woman is much more than a pretty face.

Ayden Marie Vargas picture

From her official website:

Ayden Marie Vargas is an American actress, dancer & petite fashion model who is half deaf, living in Los Angeles, California. She is of Puerto Rican, Mexican & German decent.

Ayden has been a lacto-oval vegetarian since 1998 & is involved with numerous animal right organizations. She is also the founder of Hear The World (run).

Ayden received her undergraduates degree in psychology from Cal State Fullerton while also studying the arts, emphasizing in music and dance. In 2011 she transferred to Cal State Los Angeles to complete her masters of science degree in Mammal Zoology

Ayden was a gymnast as a child before focusing her attention on soccer, volleyball and basketball. At age 14 she started dancing & rockclimbing competitively which allowed her to travel all over the world. She ran track & field in high school and college as a 100m & 400m hurdler and placed in several meets.

Ayden was a starting midfielder for her Division II college team. As a freshman in college she also rekindled her passion for gymnastics and joined her school’s team. During her junior year in College she tried out for her school’s Division I rowing team & fell in love with boating right away.