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Wiz Khalifa Wasn’t Arrested for Riding a “Hoverboard”

August 23, 2015 at 4:40 AM EST – Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa was arrested Saturday at Los Angeles International Airport, allegedly for riding what he called a “hoverboard.” But before anyone gets too excited over the possibility of the Back to the Future Part II levitating board being available for sale to the general public, understand that Wiz didn’t quite mean that kind of hoverboard. In fact, the rapper was simply describing a personal transportation device that’s already on the market.

Wiz Khalifa is the owner of a PhunkeeDuck, a hands-free transportation device similar to the Segway. May of 2015, PhunkeeDuck’s official Youtube channel featured a video of the rapper riding their product. It’s also been documented on music websites that the Pennsylvania MC is a proud owner of the trendy transportation device, and the rapper has even posted pictures of himself riding his PhunkeeDuck to his official Instagram account.

So Back to the Future fans will unfortunately have to lower their excitement over the possibility of a commercially-available hoverboard for the time being. For those wanting to actually purchase a PhunkeeDuck, prices start at $1,499 on the company’s official website, unless they buy a similar product selling online for only $359.

Wiz Khalifa riding a PhunkeeDuck hoverboard