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Video – Police Blast Protester with Water Cannon in Taksim Square Istanbul

May 31, 2013 at 2:01 PM ET – New video uploaded to the internet Friday revealed police officers attacking a group of demonstrators in Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey. Protesters had gathered to challenge local government plans to replace a park in Taksim Square with a shopping mall. The police responded with tear gas and water cannons.

In the following video, a protester can be seen yelling at the police before being knocked to the ground unconscious by a direct blast to the head and torso from a water cannon.

Alternate camera view:

Police Blast Protester with Water Cannon in Taksim Square Istanbul

Video – Balloons Fly From Trunk During Toronto Car Crash Accident

May 31, 2013 at 1:00 PM ET – Dash cam footage shot in the Vaughan area of Toronto, Ontario Canada reveals an unlucky surprise for the driver of an Infiniti who thought the coast was clear at a busy intersection. The Infiniti owner patiently waited for a green light at the intersection of Rutherford Road and Ilan Ramon Boulevard. Despite the coast appearing clear, the Infiniti was struck by another vehicle, which caused an unfortunate celebration. Watch the video:

Balloons Fly From Trunk During Toronto Car Crash

Funny Picture – Most Clever Van Wrap of Fake Porsche Car Pic

May 31, 2013 at 9:51 AM ET – One advertising company seems to get their point across when it comes to realistic vehicle wraps. It may take you a second to realize what you’re seeing:

funny picture of clever van wrap

Sofia Vergara “Desdemona” Whips Machete Kills Poster (Unreleased)

May 31, 2013 at 9:32 AM ET – Teaser poster for Machete Kills, unveiled May 31st. In Machete Kills, Danny Trejo returns as ex-Federale agent MACHETE, who is recruited by the President of the United States for a mission which would be impossible for any mortal man – he must take down a madman revolutionary and an eccentric billionaire arms dealer who have hatched a plan to spread war and anarchy across the planet.

Sofia Vergara unreleased Machete Kills poster

Video – French Rappers Flynt & Orelsan Remake Movie Scenes in Mon Pote

May 30, 2013 at 2:15 PM ET – Two rappers hailing from France have created a funny and amazing new video which find the duo in a variety of popular movie scenes. The song “Mon Pote” for the video appears on Paris rapper Flynt’s sophomore album Itinéraire Bisby and guest features Orelsan of Alençon, Normandy in France.

The song was produced by Nodey, and the video was directed by Francis Cutter. The French rappers recreated film scenes using actual cult classic movie clips from Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, La Haine and more.

Warning: the video contains several quick moments of nudity, viewer discretion is advised. By watching the video, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age or older.

Movie clips used for the video include La Haine, The Blues Brothers, Lo Chiamavano Trinità, Les Fugitifs, Full Metal Jacket, Men In Black, Pulp Fiction, The Hangover, Forrest Gump, Fight Club, Marche à L’ombre, Clockwork Orange, Goodfellas, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Back to the Future, Les Valseuses, Die Hard, The Big Lebowski, Clerks, La Tour Montparnasse Infernale, White Men Can’t Jump, Dumb & Dumber, The Big Lebowski, and Once Upon a Time in America.

French rappers Flynt and Orelsan recreate a scene from Full Metal Jacket
Flynt Orelsan Mon Pote official video

Picture – Jessica Alba Grandmother Could Pass for Sister in Vintage Pic

May 30, 2013 at 11:20 AM ET – On Wednesday Jessica Alba tweeted a picture of her paternal grandmother, along with the message “Mi abuelita aka gamma gamma or grammers.” Jessica credited her cousin Danielle Alba for sharing the photo, which reveals just how similar their grandmother looks to the the young Latina actress.

Jessica Alba grandmother picture

Duina del Mar “Natural” EP Album on iTunes May 28, 2013

May 30, 2013 at 10:05 AM ET [21 Sunshine Entertainment] – Natural EP Available on iTunes, Click here to listen.


1. Bantulie
2. Soy lo que soy
3. Muévelo Tuti
4. Todo
5. Te Vas

“At a time when Latin female artists are a rare commodity Duina del Mar is a breath of fresh air” Leila Cobo – Billboard Magazine

“Duina del Mar is the star music was in need of” Arturo Velasco-Director Televisa Música.

“Top 10 Artists to Watch in 2013” – Billboard Magazine

Duina del Mar official website:
Duina del Mar on Facebook:
Duina del Mar on Twitter:
Duina del Mar on Youtube:
Chris Smith Management:

Colombian singer Duina del Mar picture

Toyota Encourages Hispanics to Go Green with Prius Campaign

May 30, 2013 at 8:43 AM ET [Dream Team Agency] – Toyota’s commitment to the environment is a way of life, extending across operations and epitomized by the Toyota Prius Family of vehicles. Hispanics across the country are increasingly becoming environmentally aware and in an effort to help the Hispanic community further embrace sustainability, Toyota is providing them with the tools necessary to continue on the path of going green. A new program launched by Toyota will help increase environmental awareness in the Hispanic community across the United States.

With the support of notable Hispanic influencers, including Jon Secada, Chloe Bridges, Julian Gil, Candela Ferro, Ana Flores, Omar Germenos, Daniel Elbittar, Yarel Ramos, Gina Rodriguez and Diana Franco, and an extensive social media activation, Toyota will promote the importance of living a greener lifestyle. Through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, the Hispanic community will be able to follow the lives of the influencers and their adventures with their Toyota Prius, while simultaneously learning tips on how to live a greener lifestyle.

“I am excited about being a part of this campaign because Toyota’s commitment to the environment aligns with my lifestyle and values. The idea of coaching Hispanics on how to make wise environmental choices and live a more sustainable lifestyle is truly fulfilling,” said Jon Secada.

The program will feature the Toyota Prius family of vehicles and their innovative hybrid technology. The Toyota Prius has done more to help the environment than any other car in the world. Over the past ten years, U.S. Prius owners have saved enough fuel to drive around the Earth an estimated 2,065,748 times, due in part to its estimated 50 MPG rating.

“We are excited to launch this campaign and to nurture the continuous increase in environmental awareness in our communities,” said David Chung, national manager, targeted advertising and strategy for Toyota. “The Prius is Toyota’s most nature-inspired model and is the ideal vehicle for this campaign. All participants were selected based on their level of environmental awareness and their role in the community. Each and every one of them is without a doubt, a perfect fit for the campaign.” The initiative began on May 23 in Miami and May 14 in Los Angeles.

For more information about Toyota, visit, or

Jon Secada and Toyota Prius picture

Raw Video – Train Derails and Explodes in Rosedale Maryland [Baltimore]

May 28, 2013 at 9:20 PM ET – A CSX cargo train derailed Tuesday afternoon in a suburb of Baltimore, followed by a massive explosion that was felt blocks away. There were no reported injuries.

Warning: Both videos contains harsh language that may offend some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Rosedale train explosion video