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Tania Raymond “Death Valley” Vampire Pics

I don’t watch much MTV, but the commercial for the latest “Death Valley” with Tania Raymonde was too tempting. As police officer Carla, Raymonde goes undercover as a vampire prostitute. Not sure if she’s Hispanic, her birth name (Katz) suggests that she’s Jewish.

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Carla in Death Valley

Tania Raymonde as Carla in Death Valley picture

Tania Raymonde sexy vampire pic

Carla Rinaldi Death Valley MTV pic

Stupid Burglar Checks Facebook at Crime Scene

10/25/11 – Facebook page at crime scene leads to arrest. A Jackson man logged onto his Facebook page on a computer at a business he was burglarizing in the wee hours of the morning, according to police. Then five days later, he came back and stole the computer in an attempt to cover his tracks, Jackson police say. The Face-book page is a key piece of evidence against Jason Andrew Smith, 30, charged with two counts of business burglary of the U-Haul truck and rental service on U.S. 80 West in Jackson.

Smith’s attorney, Katie Bradshaw, argued at his preliminary hearing on Monday in Hinds County that there isn’t any evidence he burglarized the business. “Anyone could have called up his Facebook page,” Bradshaw said. On Aug. 17, an official with U-Haul called police about a break-in, reported that a store computer had been used and Smith’s Facebook page was left up on it, authorities said. Then on Aug. 22, another break-in was reported at the business and the same computer was taken.

Hinds County Judge Houston Patton said there was enough evidence to send the case to a grand jury to determine if Smith should be indicted. Business burglary carries a maximum seven years in prison for each count. Patton set Smith’s bond at $20,000. Smith, a former resident of Pearl, has burglary and false pretense convictions.

Source Article at Clarion Ledger

Jason Andrew Smith facebook

Immigration Doing Raids without Serving Warrants

10/21/11 – On the night of October 20, 2010, Angel Enrique and Jesus Antonio were in bed in their small, two-bedroom apartment in the Clairmont complex in Nashville. The doors and windows were all shut and locked.

Suddenly there was a loud banging at the door and voices shouting “Police!” and “Policia!” When no one answered, the agents tried to force the door open. Scared, Jesus hid in a closet.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents began hitting objects against the bedroom windows, trying to break in. Without a search warrant and without consent, the ICE agents eventually knocked in the front door and shattered a window, shouting racial slurs and storming into the bedrooms, holding guns to their heads.

When asked if they had a warrant, one agent reportedly said, “We don’t need a warrant, we’re ICE,” and, gesturing to his genitals, “the warrant is coming out of my balls.”

The Fourth Amendment strictly prohibits warrantless intrusions into private homes and the Constitution’s protections apply to both citizens and non-citizens alike. In the absence of a judicially authorized warrant, there must be voluntary and knowing consent; ICE officers forcing themselves into someone’s home does not constitute consent.

The ACLU and ACLU of Tennessee this week filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of fifteen residents of the apartment complex who were subjected to this large-scale, warrantless raid by ICE agents and Metro Nashville police officers.

Among the plaintiffs are U.S. citizens, including a child detained and interrogated while playing soccer on the playground simply because of the color of his skin. Looking Latino and speaking Spanish is not enough to justify probable cause for questioning and arresting a person. Another plaintiff was carted away in handcuffs in front of his frightened and crying children.

Unfortunately, the Clairmont raid is not an isolated incident. As the Department of Homeland Security and its enforcement arm, ICE, expand their aggressive immigration enforcement policies, all too often the constitutional rights afforded to everyone living in the United States are violated. Even as ICE carries out its mission, it must act in accordance with the law and in a manner that is humane.

Source Article by Lindsay Kee

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