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Cuban MMA Fighter Frank Mir Beats Roy Nelson at UFC 130

May 28, 2011 Cuban-American MMA fighter Frank Mir (Francisco Santos Mir III) won a unanimous decision against Roy Nelson. Mir wore trunks with the Cuban flag in honor of his father.

Fight breakdown by Case Keefer of the Las Vegas Sun.

Third Round Roy Nelson has his head down and hands on his knees to start the round. He’s gassed and Mir has no problem taking advantage. Mir takes Nelson down around the two-minute mark and unleashes elbow to the throat. He gets Nelson in a choke, but “Big Country” fights through it. Mir gets another takedown and through 13 minutes of this fight, these two don’t look like they are in the same class. Make that for the entire 15 minutes as Mir gives Nelson vicious ground-and-pound. The two share a hug at the end and this should be an easy 30-27 unanimous decision for Mir. The judges give it to Mir via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26).

Second Round Roy Nelson’s oft-criticized gut actually offers one advantage — plenty of padding. No matter how much Mir kicks him there, and he did many times early in this round, Nelson isn’t hurt. Mir looks better than ever and is taking over most aspects of this fight as he takes down Nelson again. Nelson gets back up, but Mir’s striking will not stop. The rest of the round is much of the same as the two Las Vegans are making a strong case for Fight of the Night. The crowd is loving it. Nelson keeps coming, but Mir is way ahead. Las Vegas Sun sees it as 20-18 for Mir.

First Round Looks like Mir told Nelson “good luck” after referee Josh Rosenthal spoke to them. It turns into a grappling match early with Nelson first pinning Mir into the cage. The position is reversed before Mir hits Nelson with another knee, this time to the head. They wind up on the other side of the cage and Nelson lands his first major strike, opening what looks to be a small cut on Mir’s face. For a solid minute, Mir puts on a Muay Thai clinic. He gets Nelson’s head down in the clinch and unleashes numerous knees. Nelson is dazed for a second, but regroups. He comes in for a few powerful hooks, but Mir executes a beautiful trip to take Nelson down. The crowd goes wild, but it doesn’t do much. Nelson is back to his feet. Mir takes an entertaining first round 10-9.

Frank Mir beats Roy Nelson