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Undercover Latinos – Actor Tristan Wilds

You may know him as Michael from the HBO program “The Wire,” or as Dixon Wilson from “90210,” but there’s something you may not know about actor Tristan Wilds. Tristan’s father is African-American, but his mother Monique Moncion is Dominican.

Tristan was interviewed during the 2011 ALMA Awards, where he spoke about his Dominican background:

Tristan Wilds

So What Brand of Cigarette Does Obama Smoke?

December 23, 2010 at 11:54 PM ET – Although Barack Obama is no longer a smoker, he admitted smoking the occasional cigarette when he was first on the presidential campaign trail. According to an interview with the Chicago Tribune, his smokes of choice were Marlboro Reds. Considering President Obama also admitted that his favorite TV character was Omar Little of HBO’s The Wire, we’re a little disappointed that his smokes of choice weren’t Newports.

“Pack of Newpoat, yo. Soft pack.”
Barack Obama smoking Marlboro Reds

Ode to Bobby Elvis the “Jew in Leather” of Sons of Anarchy

December 22, 2010 at 3:43 AM EST – If you’re a fan of the FX hit program Sons of Anarchy, then there’s a good chance that you’re a fan of Bobby “Elvis” Munson. But one piece of dialogue from Season 2, Episode 4 (“Eureka”) had a few fans scratching their heads. Clay Morrow makes a reference to the “Jew in Leather,” but not all fans were clear on who he was referring to. The answer?

Robert “Bobby” Munson is a Jewish biker. In Season 1, Episode 2 (“Seeds”), Gemma comments that she needs a “a big Jew brain” to figure out the losses from one of the club’s front companies. Bobby passes by and jokes, “Not this big Jew brain, baby. I can barely count my own fingers.” And Season 2, Episode 3 (“Fix”) opens with Bobby in his Elvis gear singing “Hava Nagila” at a bar mitzvah, while the biker wears a yarmulke over his wig. Other fans with a sharp eye will notice that the outlaw accountant also wears a pendant around his neck, for the Hebrew word “Chai” (life).

So being an outlaw biker may not exactly be Kosher, but what’s not to love about Sons of Anarchy’s Jew in Leather?

Bobby Elvis Munson Jew singing Hava Nagila

Undercover Latinos – Street Magician David Blaine

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two decades, you should be familiar with the work of street magician and endurance artist David Blaine. But there’s something you may not know about the illusionist with the monotone voice. Blaine’s father is Puerto Rican.

David Blaine was born in New York, the son of Patrice Maureen White and William Perez. Blaine was originally given the last name of his mother, who was a Russian Jew. His father, William Perez, was Puerto Rican. In a past interview, Blaine explained that his absentee father died of a heroin overdose.

David Blaine Puerto Rican Latino

Sofia Vergara Gets $8 Million Kmart Endorsement

In addition to a recent Emmy nomination for her role as Ed O’Neill’s trophy wife on “Modern Family” Colombian actress Sofia Vergara is negotiating an endorsement deal with Kmart that could earn her $8 million. Not only will Vergara become the new face of the chain of stores, she will create a personal line of clothing and accessories in addition to hair and beauty products that will more than likely be exclusively available at Kmart.

Sofia Vergara to endorse Kmart

Vergara isn’t just known for her role on Modern Family, or her start on Univision’s Fuera de Serie. She regularly makes appearances in support of the Children’s Defense Fund and the Seven Bar Foundation, a charity that helps women who are having financial problems.