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Raw Video – Fight at New York Bodega in East Harlem

May 15, 2013 at 1:25 PM ET – A bodega clerk remained calm while a customer flipped out, until the unruly visitor began to throw things. The video was shot at a bodega at the corner of 112th and 3rd Ave in East Harlem.

Viewer discretion warning: the following video contains violence that may offend some people. Viewer discretion is advised, by watching you verify that you are 18 years of age or older.

bodega fight video

Lou Ferrigno “The Hulk” Hunts Latino Immigrants

(Reuters) – Television ‘Hulk’ actor Lou Ferrigno has joined an Arizona sheriff’s posse targeting illegal immigrants in the Phoenix valley area, the sheriff’s office said on Wednesday.

Lou Ferrigno the Incredible Hulk

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Ferrigno, 59, a body builder who donned green makeup to star in the popular 1970s television series ‘The Incredible Hulk,’ was among 56 people sworn in as volunteers for an armed immigration posse.

Arpaio said the posse would work with sheriff’s deputies in operations targeting smugglers and businesses suspected of employing illegal immigrants in the county, among other duties.

Arizona passed a tough law earlier this year requiring police to determine the immigration status of people they suspected were in the country illegally. Key parts were stayed by a U.S. federal judge before it came into effect in late July.

(Reporting by Tim Gaynor, editing by Peter Bohan)

Undercover Latinos – Actor Lillo Brancato Jr

May 14, 2013 at 9:34 AM ET – Maybe you’ve seen him in the 1993 de Niro flick “A Bronx Tale,” or as Matthew Bevilaqua on “The Sopranos,” but there’s something you may not realize about the actor that often plays Italian characters. Lillo Brancato was born in Colombia, but adopted and raised by Italian-Americans from New York when he was only four months old.

Lillo Brancato, Jr

Video of Jason Garza Corpus Christi Quarterback Trick Play

Driscoll Middle School in Corpus Christi, Texas pulls off an incredible trick play in the following video. Driscoll was trailing Wynn Seale in the fourth quarter, when coach Art Rodriguez decided to run the play with Latino quarterback Jason Garza.

Garza was able to get Wynn Seale to jump offside with a long snap count. An assistant shouted that the officials needed to mark off 5 more yards, and told Garza to get the ball and do it himself. Garza asked his center to hand him the ball over his shoulder, which is a legal snap. He casually took five steps, and then sprinted towards the end zone for a touchdown.