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Fail Video – Clumsy Dad Drops Kid at Australian Rules Football Game

May 17, 2014 at 7:32 PM ET – They always said that being a parent of a small child is a bit of a juggling act. That couldn’t prove more true than what happened in a Youtube video by the Northern Footy Show, which in the past provided coverage on Australian Rules Football for the Northern Football League in Melbourne, Victoria. Watch what happens in the video background as host Ramon Pinyataro interviews a player.

father drops babe kid Australian football game

Freeride Ski Fail Video – Never Follow Another Skiiers Path (Telluride Colorado Skiing)

March 30, 2014 at 6:40 PM ET – You’ve probably heard the expression to not “stray from the beaten path,” but in the case of one skier in Colorado, it would have paid off to avoid where others have gone before. A new video reveals footage shot by a skier as he descends a snow-covered mountain in Telluride, Colorado. He carefully avoids several small trees, but comes to a horrible realization as he approaches what appears to be a gently rising slope.

According to the Telluride Ski Patrol, the skier ended up with only a minor shoulder injury. Watch the video:

freeride ski fail in Telluride Colorado

Funny Video – Paul Cicala of KVOA Tucson Falls Down on Live TV (Channel 4 Blooper)

March 15, 2014 at 6:40 PM ET – If you’re going to break out in a full-sprint, never do so on live television. Or at least not in a three-piece suit and dress shoes. This is the lesson that sports anchor Paul Cicala of KVOA in Tucson, Arizona learned yesterday.

Cicala was in Las Vegas, Nevada Friday to report on the college basketball game between the Arizona Wildcats and the Colorado Buffaloes for the Pac-12 semifinals. In the new video uploaded to Youtube, Cicala explains to a KVOA co-anchor that the game was expected to tipoff in only three minutes, which meant he would have to “speedwalk” into the MGM Grand Garden Arena so as not to miss any of the action. The award-winning journalist then handed his microphone to the cameraman before doing his best Usain Bolt impression. Watch what happens:

Paul Cicala runs trips and falls on live TV

Funny Picture “Nationwide is NOT on Your Side” Car Accident Insurance Pic

February 17, 2014 at 7:45 AM ET – By now, you’ve probably heard the Nationwide Insurance jingle “Nationwide is on your side.” Apparently, it seems not everyone agrees with the slogan commonly heard in Nationwide’s car insurance commercials.

This red Toyota Matrix was spotted outside of a Lowe’s Home Improvement store in Murphy, Texas. Judging by the dents and makeshift painter’s tape job on the doors, it seems the vehicle had been in a recent accident. “Nationwide was NOT on our side” can be seen written on the car’s windows, suggesting that maybe the owner didn’t quite get the assistance that they had expected from their car insurance company.

Photo courtesy Ebercon
Nationwide was not on our side car picture

Funny Video – Leon Bibb “Titties” Blooper on Live TV Cleveland WEWS Valentines Day

February 15, 2014 at 12:45 AM ET – WEWS-TV anchor Leon Bibb may have made a subconscious slip when it came to reporting what may happen to men who were unable to book reservations in advance for Cleveland restaurants on Valentines Day. Watch Bibb’s reaction after pointing out what some people would have trouble “getting in” on Friday:

Leon Bibb blooper on Cleveland Channel 5

Funny Video – Julie Loncich of WCVB Boston “Slutty” Snow Goof Live TV Blooper (Channel 5)

February 14, 2014 at 11:31 PM ET – Looks like the weather in Lowell, Massachusetts is getting downright dirty. Television reporter Julie Loncich of WCVB-TV NewsCenter 5 in Boston appeared live from Lowell on Friday, reporting on the harsh weather conditions. Watch the award-winning journalist’s slip of the tongue in this new video:

Julie Loncich slutty snow blooper on Boston Channel 5

Reaction Video & GIF – Peyton Manning Misses Snap Super Bowl 48 Safety Fail Face

February 2, 2014 at 6:47 PM ET – It was one of the fastest scores made in Super Bowl history, but not quite as anyone had planned it. With 14:48 left in the first quarter of Super Bowl XLVIII, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning watched in horror as the missed snap sailed past his head and into the end zone. The ball was recovered by a Bronco’s player and downed for a safety, adding two points to the Seattle Seahawks scoreboard.

Let’s hope that Manning’s missed snap has no connection to Colorado’s recent legalization of marijuana. I kid, I kid.

Peyton Manning misses snap Superbowl 48

Fail Video – Doctor Shukri David Predicts Patriots Super Bowl Win

February 1, 2014 at 10:00 PM ET – When it comes to the Superbowl, most football fans have a prediction as to who will take home the win. There are bad predictions, and then there are extremely bad predictions, such as picking a team that’s not even competing in the Big Game. One such fail made on live television was by Dr. Shukri David, a cardiologist at Providence Hospital in Southfield, Michigan.

The physician appeared on Fox2 news in Detroit to Saturday to offer healthy eating tips for people watching the Super Bowl this Sunday. When asked by the show host as to who he predicted as the winner of the game, Dr. David went with the New England Patriots. The only problem is that the Patriots lost in the playoffs to the Denver Broncos, who were facing off against the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 48 tomorrow. The Fox2 host noticeably tried to throw the good doctor a lifeline to save face, but nothing could reverse the cringe-worthy doubling down on his prediction.

“Don’t blame me, I offered him a life preserver.”
Dr Shukri David MD Super Bowl fail

Video – Real Life Forrest Gump & Bubba with Drill Sergeant (Drill Instructor Frustration)

January 5, 2014 at 11:20 AM ET – A new video uploaded to Youtube shows the frustrations that a drill sergeant goes through with new soldiers. Watch as these two “battle buddies” haplessly fire at the wrong target, forget to chamber their rifles, and misplace hand-held explosives.

real life forrest gump and bubba