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How to Send Facebook Messages on Mobile without Downloading FB Messenger App

June 8, 2006 at 6:17 PM EST – Facebook has now required that all mobile users download their Messenger app, if they wish to send or receive messages. But as it turns out, there’s actually a way of getting around this requirement.

Within the last week, many smartphone users were frustrated to discover that Facebook was changing their messaging feature to only be accessible through their Messenger app. Many mobile users were disappointed that they would need to add yet another app, which would take up storage space and memory. But there’s a way to still easily send and receive messages on Facebook, without ever having to download the Messenger app.

Here’s the trick:

Click on this link:

And then save it as a favorite/bookmark in your phone’s internet browser to access later. By clicking on the link, it switches how you browse Facebook on your smartphone from a mobile version, to the desktop version. Now you’re free to send and receive messages, without having to download an app. Best of all, it doesn’t break any of Facebook’s rules (since the desktop version already exists for smartphone users).

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send messages on Facebook without required FB messenger app

Video – John Griffith does DJ Snake “Bird Machine” Dance (California Conservation Corps)

March 22, 2014 at 12:25 AM ET – Who says nature conservationists are boring? No one who has ever seen John Griffith showing his moves, that’s for sure. Griffith is a crew supervisor for the California Conservation Corps, a state youth program that employs young people to plant trees, create salmon habitat, and build trails in the wilderness.

But there’s also a fair bit of dancing done on Griffith’s watch, as seen in a previously viral video of the boss man breaking it down alongside two of his workers and unofficial dance instructors. In his latest video, the “Mountain Man” shows his moves off to the sound of DJ Snake’s “Bird Machine” track:

John Griffith dancing to Bird Machine by DJ Snake

Video – New York Subway Train Dance by WAFFLE Crew Litefeet Breakdancers

December 16, 2013 at 6:15 AM ET – Several weeks ago, passengers riding the L 14th Street – Canarsie Local subway line in New York were pleasantly surprised by an impromptu, acrobatic performance put on by several members of the WAFFLE dance collective. The organization was created in 2011 by several New York dance enthusiasts, and the dozen-plus members specialize in the “Litefeet” style of dancing.

On December 2, WAFFLE member Ty Live uploaded a video to Facebook which showed he and fellow crew members putting on a performance for passengers of the L Train. But it wasn’t until several days ago that the Facebook video began to go viral, picking up more than 30,000 “likes” and 170,000 “shares” in the process.

The dancing in the video, kicked off by an eight-year-old WAFFLE associate, starts at a moderate pace before erupting into an amazing display of agility and acrobatic moves. Passengers in the video watched with smiles as the dancers offered up flips, handstands, and seemingly defied gravity as they swung off of subway train poles and ceiling handrails. Watch the amazing performance:

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