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Funniest Pick Up Lines for Girls

Looking for corny but equally awesome pick-up lines that are sure to work in 2015? Watch the master Ogie Alcasid of “Boy Pick Up” at work:

funniest and best girl pick up lines of 2015

Border Dash – Mexican Border Crossing Game App

From Ghere Game Studios comes BORDER DASH. Guide Chuy past la Migra and DEA agents so he can cross the border and return to his family in America. Collect tacos to summon la llorona, the chupacraba, and el Cucuy to frighten la migra.

Chuy has several weapons at his disposal, including chanclas (sandals), roasted ears of corn, and tequila bombs. Or drop bundles of cash to distract border guards, as Chuy makes his dash towards Gringolandia. Caught by migra? Use fake green cards to keep from being deported.

Free App Download:

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Border Dash Mexican border crossing game

PC Memories of Butter – President’s Choice Butter Substitute

July 15, 2013 at 10:40 AM ET – In the mood for some no frills shopping? Next time you’re in Canada and need an alternative to “I can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”, give this depressingly-named President’s Choice generic substitute a try.

President's Choice memories of butter substitute

Fail Video – Liquor Store Worker Jumps Over Counter After Thief

July 10, 2013 at 7:15 AM ET – When you see someone stealing from a liquor store, sometimes your best bet is just to let the police handle capturing the thief. Such is the lesson learned by the manager of a liquor store in New Haven, Indiana.

In a new video uploaded by a store employee, a shirtless man can be seen on CCTV walking into the business to grab a bottle of Jim Beam liquor before making a quick escape. When the 54-year-old manager witnessed what happened, he quite literally sprang into action. The potential crime fighter hopped over the counter, only to realize that he’s not quite as athletic as he was in the old days.

The uploader of the video informed us that the other employee seen in the video was able to get the license plate of the thief’s getaway vehicle, but so far the Jim Beam bandit hasn’t been caught. Watch the video:

liquor store worker jumps over counter after thief

Boondocks: How “Grandad’s Pork Swine Delight” is Made

July 10, 2013 at 2:30 AM ET – In the mood for some Soul Food next time you have Sunday dinner? Try Grandad’s Pork Swine Delight, by Robert Jebediah Freeman. Pork Swine Delight consists of two pig knuckles glazed in honey, pig tongue marinated in butter for two days, chitlins soaked in hot sauce, drizzled with mayonnaise, and then set to harden on Grandpa’s back porch in three pounds of cheddar cheese.

Warning: consumption of Pork Swine Delight may lead to “The Itis.”

grandad's pork swine delight

Dashcam Video – Car Flips Over on in Langley British Columbia Accident

July 9, 2013 at 11:41 PM ET – A new video uploaded to Youtube reveals a surprise crash that took place in Langley, British Columbia in Canada on Monday. The video, uploaded by Andy Zbisko of Langley, reveals a car flipping over on Highway 1 as the dashcam in his girlfriend’s Mercedes captures the entire incident on video. Surprisingly, everyone in the flipped sedan suffered only minor injuries, and were released from the hospital shortly after being treated.

Zbisko can be heard in the video yelling “oh my God”, but in friendly Canadian fashion, a number of witnesses pull over to help. Watch the video:

car flips over accident in Langley British Columbia