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rapper Lexicon

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Name: Lexicon (of Sinistah Circle)

Location: Flushing Queens, NYC

Repping: Puerto Rico


Influences: Native Tongues, D.I.T.C., Mobb Deep, Big Pun, Mos Def, Rakim, Nas, Kool G. Rap, C-N-N, M.O.P., Gang Starr, Cypress Hill



Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.


Coming up in New York city, Hip Hop is everywhere. From the graffiti on the walls to the breakdancing in Flushing Meadows park on Queens day. Hip Hop is much more than a genre of music, it is an innercity culture that reflects the beauty and creativity of the people that reside within our environment.

Since I was young, I can always remember the culture being a part my life. Whether it was watching my brother pull off his first handspin, or being amazed by the Bruz & Nato pieces I saw riding the elevated 7 train through Queens. The first time I heard "Bonita Applebum" by A Tribe Called Quest (I was in my Uncle's rented car on vacation in California), I knew that the music would never leave my life. Hip Hop spoke to me. . . and I wanted to listen.

Fast forward to today. I'm nearly 25 years old with a full time J-O, an expecting wife and a child who makes my world complete. I had a show last night (possibly the most humid night we've had in New York all summer) after a grueling week of overtime and I've been non-stop on the grind with my debut Mix CD, "The Vague Clarity Mix." I'm one fourth of a Hip Hop group named Sinistah Circle that consists of 3 of my closest people along with myself. We're just living our lives and trying to make some quality music that reflects ourselves and our community.

With the release of the Vague Clarity Mix, we're looking to further establish our name and trying to put our music out to the masses. We've been actively performing in the city and hitting up mixtape and radio DJs. Above all else, I'm looking to offer music that is heartfelt and genuine. That's the music that first spoke to me and drove me to love this aspect of the artform. I've always felt that if I could reach someone on a personal level through my music without ever actually meeting them in person, I've accomplished something special. This music gives me purpose and it's a priveledge to share it with you.






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