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Name: Alvare

Location: New Jersey

Repping: Cuba


Influences: Rakim, Nas, Slick Rick, Gangstarr, Special Ed, Run DMC, Masta Ace, Big Pun, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Krs-One, Not to Mention all my roots orientated music such as Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Buena Vista Social Club, Afro-Cuban All-Stars, Old School latin salsa and mambo...classic stuff.




Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.


Titles: CEO/Artist, Monte Cristo Entertainment

Years in the Game: 10+

Hip-Hop Quotable: "I'm that element created by descendants smoking Cuban cigars and drivin antique cars…"

For over 10 years I have put my heart and soul into this music we call Hip-Hop. I have accomplished this by using real life scenarios and underground persona which best describes my music and lifestyle. George Emmett was this kid I used to hang with in high school who told me to start writing. At first, I was reluctant, but gave it a shot and here I am doing my thing. Ever since then, hip-hop has been a culture I've embraced in everything I do in my life.

So let me tell you a little bit about myself. Growing up in the town of Perth Amboy wasn't easy. Drugs and crime were a heartbeat away. However, this did not take control of me. I have a strong family to thank for that. I could have easily sold drugs or robbed folks, but that wasn't me. I wanted to make it in this hip-hop game as a young Hispanic entrepreneur. Yeah, there are always obstacles, but life is what you make it. Only the strong survive in this game.

Through my road to the promise land of Hip-Hop I formed a group called Devious Dialects that consisted of 2 dj's, 2 emcees, and an artist. That was a learning experience in itself. Also, I've worked with Legend of Black Ruutz, Inc. This was truly a huge influence in my life. I was able to produce and write my first 4-song maxi-single in 1996 self titled “LOGIC”. Even greater, that same year I released the maxi-single getting street credibility in an instant.

Furthermore, before I meet Theory of Silent Assassins Enterprises through K-Banger, I pretty much was paying dues and not getting my demos complete because of fake producers trying to jerk me. Through Theory I have been able to complete my first album. Which is a blessing.

Also, I have met another producer by the name of Halo Sin, which has contributed, to my project. Even greater, I was able to get some classic guest appearances by Swing & Theory (PHD), K-Banger, and Verbalz. Moreover, with my new independent label, Monte Cristo Entertainment I will be able to be in full control of my destiny.

I am currently doing everything from running my label to moving units to get the name out there. This upcoming year I will be getting involved with more producers and emcees expanding my horizons to further venture in this hiphop game. I have linked up with Undefined (Crisis Center Productions) who will be lacing me with the majority of the beats on the project. Halo Sin and Rick Mendoza will be also contribute as producers on this project.

My new project will be a step towards the awakening of real hiphop hitting the streets not watered down beats and rhymes. There will also be some new artists on the album which will bring a whole new vibe to the table. It will be slated for release in January 2005. The project in itself is nothing but growth in every aspect from beginning to end.

In a nutshell that's a tip of the iceberg about myself. As for my music it’s nothing but the realness. I don't put up a front for nobody. If I experience something, I write about. I write what I feel. I take your imagination on a roller coaster of realness. Sounds funny, but I have many angles that I take when creating songs for listeners. I put you in a state of hip-hop appreciation. Always more nothing less. Peace. Alvare 2004 and beyond





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