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Raw B

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Name: RawB

Location: Houston, Texas


Repping: Mexico


Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.


After contracting a mild case of Mad Cow Disease from an oversized groupie, RAWB has become one of the illest Chicano MCs to ever grace the microphono (Mic), "The secret is I have no shame... I'm Loco or for you gringos out there... I am crazy." Crazy is the best way to describe a RAWB show. The rapper has been seen performing an entire song with a young woman gyrating on his shoulders.

After putting out a solid, well respected underground CD, Message in a Bottle which featured the likes of Ese G and Rasheed, the 6'1" Mexican reflects & thinks introspectively, "That was a good CD, I got a lot of sh*t off my chest... but maybe I should lay off of the drugs". Apparently Dope House Records thought differently as they featured the song Message in a Bottle in the CD "Turning Slow", the 3rd iteration in the now infamous Screwston series

He has been featured with Juan Gotti & Rasheed in "Baby Bash presents The Ultimate Cartel" with the Chicano street anthem "Cuidado". "It's kinda wild how that song took off. My homie Ese G produced that beat about 3 years ago for some foo... and he never did nuffin wit it. So we just dusted it off & kicked some real mierda to it... Now it's being bumped out of every low low in Aztlan."

After working with Juan Gotti. The two vatos locos have developed a rapport & artistic chemistry which has allowed them to ignite 4 new joints. 3 of which will be featured on the up coming Juan Gotti Aka: John Ghetto. The other song Recio is available on RAWB's follow up album Cuidado & as a screwed and chopped remix on Juan Gotti's Mas Locote Mix. RAWB prides himself on his versatility. He can spit rapid fire lyrics at blistering rates, yet smooth his gruff vocal style out & ride even the mellowest of beats.





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