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Name: Tariq

Location: London

Repping: Venezuela & Egypt


Influences: Malcolm X, Prince, Morris Day, Tragedy Khadafi, Tupac, Bruce Lee, Hugo Chavez, the Prophets of Allah.




Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.


I came into this world with 1 happy mother, who lost everyone through killings in native Venezuela. My father, a Nubian Egyptian, who briefly departed his ways, died through murder. Catholicism and Christianity only strung me along until I knowledge myself and by others; accepting Islam as my way of life. But I'm no perfect catered prophet, a child still learning!

Hip Hop was an identity of my pride and culture, it made me respect my ancestors and my Nubian-African peoples on this western hemisphere, who were brutally chained, drained into this new world. So I thank Hip Hop for bringing me into the right side of the path.

Born in London, the savage east end where the Kray twins once Ruled, my first love of the arts were of Prince and the revolution enchanting us with PAISELY PARK; Bruce Lee kicking the sh*t out of 20 Japanese fighters in THE CHINESE CONNECTION, and The HAMMER, HORROR of DRACULA. These were my childhood memoirs. I graduated in Media school in 2004, from the London School of Media where I completed three well-made documentaries and short fictional tales.

Being an artist whether a director, script writer or an emcee, I will always apply the same essence which is the unique balance of creativity and passion. I came under the influence of a good friend also my companion, The Cyclone the Great, who produced my music and helped me a lot on the long run of things...





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