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Max Payne & Kast

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Name: Max Payne & Kast

Location: Dallas, Texas

Repping: Max: Mexican & Peruvian, Kast: Mex. & Salvadorian


Influences: Big Pun, Fat Joe T.S., Nas, Big L, Biggie, Scarface, Beatnuts, Mobb Deep, 2Pac


Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.


Inspired by rappers such as Pac, Biggie, Terror Squad, Outkast, and Nas, Kast and Max picked up the pen at age 15 and began writing lyrics nonstop. Both were born and raised in Dallas TX, and even though Luis "Kast" Castro stayed in school until his senior year, he mainly spent class time writing and brainstorming metaphors and flows. Kast contained his talent, and it wasn't until teaming up with Marcos "Max Payne" Davila that they two discovered they both shared similar tastes in music and rap styles.

Inspired by his best friend, Max opened up and began spitting at parties whenever the opportunity became available. Max constantly impressed other rappers at parties with his street life freestyle, and the two rappers quickly began getting props props and respect from their audience. As Hispanic rappers they have never been categorized as having a "Latin" or "Chicano" style, but simply as "Hip Hop". Although Kast never really picked up freestyling or battling considering most of his time he spent writing, his lyrical flow and murderous punch lines still proved his skills. Seven years in the making, Kast and Max Payne have matured their voice and talent drastically, they have teamed up to form the duo "La Familia" and have recently finished their mixtape entitled "Fire Volume 1".





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