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Omaha rapper Stylo

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Name: Stylo

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Repping: Mexico


Influences: Big Pun, Mob Deep, 2Pac, Ice Cube, Jadakiss, Scarface, Cypress Hill, Big L, Cuban Link, Twista, Beatnuts.




Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.



Stylo is the name and I got it from the Spanish word "estilo" mixed with the English word "style." Iím a 19 year old Mexicano from South Omaha, Nebraska. Yeah, I said Nebraska. Not the biggest Hip-Hop place but Iím making sure it becomes something big. I donít portray the normal "Chicano rapper" nor do I enjoy that label to be put on me. Iím an emcee to the fullest and nothing else. I look at myself as a spokesman for the average hood cat in the Midwest. Since the age of twelve Iíve been in love with Hip-Hop. Being into writing; emceeing kind of fell into place. It started off as me and my younger cousin doing it. He stopped and I didnít. I felt I had a talent in this and things moved on from there.

I started writing and freestyling everywhere I went. I became known around my part of the city as one of the best Mexican rappers around. I hooked up with Edgar De Leon, a guy I knew from around my way who was into helping young cats like myself, and had him listen to one of my songs that I did. At that time he was just getting Vive Grande Entertainment started, after seeing we had similar ambition and desire to make big things happen in our city, we decided to go into business together, with him being my Manager and I became the company's first Artist. As soon as we got started we hit the ground running, working for months non-stop, from there came the mixtap, "Mic Killas" and then eventually my first album, "Call it What You Want." Currently Iím the only Latino rapper in my city getting the most recognition and soon many more will. Itís the feeling that you can do something that can affect people that got me addicted to this culture. In this world full of letdowns the only thing that kept me going with my music was the motivation from my peoples that always believed in me and especially the inspiration that Iíve gotten by my girl. It might sound cheesy to some but sheís the only thing that keeps the fire for me to succeed burning.

Iím here to break the stereotype of a Mexican rapper and I canít stress it enough. They see us and automatically see a certain type of rapper. I rap what I feel and say it the way I talk. I donít sugar-coat things and usually it gets me in trouble. Iím a realist. Since Iím from the middle of the map Iím influenced by everyone in the game. So to label my style is the job that is left for the listeners. Listen to something new for a change.

"All I got in this world is my life and my music"





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