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Big Caz

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Name: Caz

Location: Los Angeles

Repping: Ecuador


Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.




In the far corner of the office sits a man deep in his work on the computer. This man stands a very handsome five foot, ten inches tall, about two hundred and twenty pounds of muscle. Ecuadorian and White, a sexy raspy voice, and the deepest crystal blue green eyes that can enchant an enchantress. The person named GUILLERMO EILAND is a sight to behold. To most people, he is simply known as "CAZ," but to me...well let me explain on the way. "I got six killaz rollin' in a Cutlass, nigga, I'm from L.A., from L.A. Don't let me catch you slippin' on the 'Shaw at night, nigga, I'm from L.A., from L.A. I rep the West Coast and my turf 'til I die, nigga, I'm from L.A., from L.A. I give love to every hood wear the blue, nigga, I'm from L.A., from L.A." The lyrics in this song tell you what he is, where he's from, and what he's about. The hardships he has endured from a young boy to a grown man he is now. But I will set out to prove to you that even the baddest of men can love, be loved, and can change for the better. His business mind, mixed with his thuggish mentality, mixed with his emotions are a dangerous combination, but in the end, it's works. CAZ is getting bigger and better. Since he's retiring out of the rap game in 2006, he's going out with a bang, doing it big time. CAZ is the kind of person who will never give up on someone or something he really believes has potential to make it. On the outside, you see a tattooed, swolled up gangster, but if you look in his eyes and truly look, you can see a man who is willing and able and wanting to help out in any way possible. That's why I'm so in love and admiration of this man. He always said, "Help me help you." And help he did, more than he will ever know. ANYONE CAN CALL HIMSELF A GANGSTER BUT IT TAKES A MAN TO BE A GANGSTER SO TO THE WORLD I INTRODUCE YOU TO WHOM WE WILL JUST CALL '''CAZ'''





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