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Young Sicc

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Name: Young Sicc

Location: San Diego

Repping: Mexico




Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.


The future is unknown and holds a big mystery. With determination, focus, and hard work, I can see a future of being successful and knowing that I bring good hits to the streets. That is the mindset of an up and coming Artist who is set to take rap music by storm! With his street influenced style of rhyme, complimented by a virtual funk influenced soundscape as his canvas, YOUNG SICC ingeniously uses street slang, a strong party vibe, a solid Mexican heritage, as well as realistic delivery of good old fashioned west coast gangster rap to bring to industry!

Needless to say, Young Sicc has never been afraid of being in the spotlight, whether, talking into the camera lens, to performing in front of hundreds of church-goers as a child, saying, my mom told me that me and my cousin were suppose to perform a song for this church convention. When it came time to perform my cousin had gotten sick, but I still went on by myself and was introduced to the many spectators. My mom told me that I just went up there and put it down though. Till this day, I still don't remember.

The twist in Young Sicc's style of flow comes from his upbringing and influences. Born and raised in San Diego California, Sicc's love for music would start at an early age. Both his mother and father were into the 60's and 70's oldies era. As he recalls, I was bumping everything that my dad and uncles were playing, whether it was The Manhattans, Marvin Gaye, The Whispers, to Smokey, Mary Wells, and the Intruders, I would take there tapes and records and record them all night long so I could bump them in my room or in my walkman on the bus to school.

In elementary and Jr. high, he became a heavily fan of the rap music of the late 80's and early 90's. Inspired by artists and groups from, Eazy- E, N.W.A., Too Short and D.O.C. to Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, and Doug E. Fresh. Encouraged by the music, Sicc began to develop more of an interest in rap music and by the time he reached junior high, he had begun writing more lyrics and would enter school talent shows. Seeing the whole school bounce and cheer was a big thrill for me, says Young Sicc.

In his adolescent days, life wasn't always easy growing up in the often dangerous streets of Southeast San Diego. Young Sicc, born Francisco Sandoval Jr., slowly found himself in the center of a low rated neighborhood of gang violence as well as a heavily distributed area of narcotics. As he recalls, man I would see it all, from Mexican homies to all the bloods , I would see feens getting served rocks right in front of me in broad day light, like it wasn't shit.

Though being influenced by the rap music that was storming through the streets, Sicc would soon find himself influenced by the well known gang activity that was taking place in the area. His father, an old school veteran as well, would school Sicc constantly of the dangers of street life and would try to keep him in school and away from the neighborhood street gang. Slowly but surely, Sicc had started running with the homeboys in the hood and eventually became from the gang.

See I was lucky enough that I had a pops, but I just got down with the hood cuzz I wanted to see the streets for myself. I had homies and relatives from the neighborhood, that it just made me wanna participate in the same environment, you know what I'm saying! Everybody back in the days was bumping Eazy-E, and N.W.A. and that's how I got influenced to rap. They wasn't giving a fuck, they were just spilling that shit! Then 2pac came and it was on and cracking!

Getting such an overview of the streets, Sicc began to transform his street life experiences into music making underground songs that he and his friends would record. Me, the homie Shaggs, and Chuy were making tapes from a karaoke machine to instrumentals off the turntables. We were making tapes for the neighborhood says Sicc.

Now in his mid-twenties, Young Sicc is determined and focused to take his shot at the industry doors that lie ahead! From gangsta shit, to club shit, to the radio we keep it gangsta and street, but we ain't out here banging, we trying to make hits. The underground is cool but we trying to make Mtv and B.E.T hits, period!

From incorporating his past experiences into his own solid formula, he not only is set to make certified ghetto hits, but presents a clear picture to the listener that makes him a well rounded writer/performer in the over saturated rap music market.





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