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Name: T-Weaponz

Location: East New York

Repping: Ark & IzReal = Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian, Psalmz = Puerto Rican.


Influences: Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Grand Puba, Kool G Rap, Ruben Blades, Willie Colon and the Fania All-Stars



Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.


In an industry where it seems as though every possible frontier has been discovered and conquered - and exploited, for that matter - T-Weaponz stands alone. Out of the gutters of Brooklyn's East New York section, these “Rebel Ricans” are on the verge of becoming the first trans-national Hip Hop group, and they are ready to conquer tomorrow’s music scene – a place where multi-lingual and diverse cultures are united under one common voice.


T-Weaponz recent single “Mira Mira” features Reggaeton sensation Notch, formerly of Born Jamericans, and Miami Crunk star Pitbull. Bringing together a blend of today’s hottest music, the song was featured on the group’s 2004 mixtape Survival Muzik, and caught on quickly with deejays everywhere to set the pace for T-Weaponz in 2005. The newest single “Who Wants What (Quein Quiere Que)” goes to radio this April, and the group has an incredible array of projects coming up, including a new full length album this Summer, their own characters in the upcoming Scarface video game, and a world tour in the works.


With early influences ranging from legendary emcees like Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Grand Puba and Kool G Rap, to classic television shows including Yo! MTV Raps, Video Music Box, and Hot Trax, the three young men of T-Weaponz were immersed in Hip Hop culture from birth. Izreal wrote his first song when he was only five years old, while his brother Arkitek had a gift for remembering lyrics in his favorite songs and reciting them word for word. Their childhood friend Psalmz found that his own critical analysis of Hip Hop music inspired him to write his own songs.


Once the three joined together to create T-Weaponz, initially known as ‘Tomorowz Weaponz’, they knew that they had destiny on their side. “Where we were from, there weren't many Latin emcees visible,” explains Psalmz, “and if they were visible they weren't ready or seasoned enough to support themselves in the music business. It was odd back then for Latin people to rhyme, because we were always considered better taggers and break dancers. We invited the challenge, and so far we’re up one.”


T-Weaponz first official single, “City of The Gods”, immediately earned them a buzz on the New York scene in the late ‘90s. In 2003 the group released their independent debut, the BlackOut EP, which featured the single “Raised in the Slums” produced by acclaimed beatsmith Alchemist. The song garnered play on European radio, while the group’s popularity also began to pick up steam in the Spanish-speaking communities of Los Angeles, California. The release of “Mira Mira” was well received, and now the group is celebrating full-fledged international success as Europe, Canada, Japan and South America all have embraced the vibe of their music. Fans can also find the full BlackOut EP at Apple’s I-Tunes store online.


The multi-talented group possesses the ability to maneuver on any beat, as well as the lyrical ability to captivate an audience through one of music’s rawest forms of expression. Their ability to rock mics both in Spanish and English sets them at the forefront of global success. Psalmz explains that the lack of originality in new Hip Hop has driven the trio to blaze their own trails. “My modern day inspiration goes beyond rap music,” he says. “It ranges from the Dalai Lama's art to Mexico’s legendary Vicente Fernandez’ ageless ambition to continue singing. I also admire the work ethic of Kanye West and the entrepreneurial spirit of Jay-Z - most things that defy odds, I can only respect.” “I'm a fan of our music,” says Arkitek. “It’s like I anticipate our next song just like a fan would. I draw inspiration from life itself - from my struggles, my wins, my losses, my family, and even my enemies.” Allowing their natural energies to work for them is important in the creative process. “My writing comes in cycles,” explains Izreal. “I don't rush it, I let it come to me - especially with choruses. When it comes to me and I memorize it off the top, I know it has a chance to stick.”


T-Weaponz has already worked with some prominent producers in both Spanish and English, including Mexicano777 from Puerto Rico, Alchemist, Domingo, and Ayetollah. They have also appeared on several compilations including Domingo’s Game Over and Para Mi Gente, and the soundtrack of the John Leguizamo/Jellybean Benitez-produced documentary Nuyorican Dream. The consistently good quality of their music has inspired a following in college and underground radio, satellite radio, and online radio shows. They have been asked to perform at various venues in New York with the likes of DMX, the late Big Pun, dead prez, Wu-Tang Clan, Boot Camp Clik, DJ Tony Touch, Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel, and Mos Def. This summer T-Weaponz will release a new full-length album, and are already booking several shows around the world.


The journey of success is exciting for T-Weaponz, and the group enjoys sharing their messages with fans. “We speak of struggle - not glorifying the hoods we live in, but how to change them,” explains Izreal. Psalmz agrees that the connection with people is a relatable experience, and that the group does their best to come with new ideas at every turn. “Fans love the mystery of the unexpected,” says Psalmz. “People are awaiting what's next from T-Weaponz, and we are ready to deliver. We want to be known for making good music, period.”





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