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Name: Outerspace

Location: Philadelphia

Repping: Puerto Rico


Influences: Beatnuts, Gangstarr


Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.


So it has come to this; when finally the students step out from the shadows of study and into the actualization of reality. A sort of graduation is at hand, one that commemorates more than ten years of grinding and hustling. Over the years Iíve had the privilege of watching Crypt thaí Warchild and his brother from another; Planet, raise themselves up from the faceless masses of aspiring independents into fully realized artists of mature intent. Iíve watched them in the studio, Iíve watched them vibe creatively. Iíve watched them live and grow as both parents and people. At times itís been a struggle; most times itís been a joy. Those of us along for the ride have had the experience of watching true artistic evolution, as Planet and Crypt have taken the time to hone their craft. Times spent sweating blood and bleeding life for this thing called Hip-Hop have all gone into the creation and shaping of OuterSpace.

Through it all, blood has been the strongest bond and that bond has been the foundation. See, itís a family thing. The roots go deeper than life, deeper than music. The streets of North Philadelphia raised these two, introduced them to the game. Those streets are as much a part of their blood as is the proud Puerto Rican heritage that the two share. The family has all gathered ranks around the protťgťs turned maestros to celebrate their emergence. Godfather Vinnie Paz lends his blessing and his fire, and all around them the palpable presence of the Army of the Pharaohs is felt. Behind the scenes there is an extended and bastardized family line of soldier who are all just itching to take a bullet for one another. Hip-Hop nurtured and polished them into what stands before you today. Now itís time for the rest of the world to see what Crypt and Planet have become.

Blood and Ashes brings everything full circle. The family is felt in the blood and the ashes represent death, as in true to your family until your very last breath. It stands as their testimony to the life that made them and an ode of respect to all that raised them. It is both a beginning and an end; it is as much of a death as it is a rebirth. Dying are the old guard, the old ways. They have been torn down by this new breed of hungry MCs; a generation of streamlined warriors steadily fed a diet of tradition and trial. OuterSpace represent the vanguard of this True School
Rebellion, and with them they bring the unshakeable truth of a familiar aesthetic. Itís a philosophy that is as integral to Hip-Hop as the word ďGodĒ is to the Bible.

Itís nothing but the classic: Beats and Rhymes.





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