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Name: Stunta

Location: Houston, Texas

Repping: Mexico




Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.


Sipping on that Houston Syrup

Like any regional music scene that blows up, H-town hip-hop comes with a new attitude and slang. If you know anything about Houston you should be familiar with words like icy grille, purple syrup, “chunk the deuce", and even more familiar with their sound slowed and chopped.

Artists like Paul Wall, Chingo Bling, Mike Jones, and Slim Thug, are educating the planet on what's been common knowledge in their streets for a long time…that you can stay independent and still build your own empire on pure passion, grind, and guts.

Just like his fellow Houston compadres, Houston’s newest upcoming artists is ready to do his part in representing Houston’s Nawf. Straight off the streets of Nawf Side Houston comes, Stunta tha Tex Mex Thugga, who’s hustling spirit comes from the streets and raw skill. This independent underground sensation is a product of his environment, he spits based upon pure experience about life and the hustle of the streets he started from. But let Stunta tell it, “My style is more street and real. I speak on things I either experienced or seen. I’m very proud of my Mexican Heritage but I don’t consider myself a Latin Rapper, I don’t do Reggaeton and I don’t rap in Spanish. I just do shit the hood can relate too, I just do tha streets cause that’s what I know.”

Stunta, who was recently signed to the independent empire, Big Chile Records, is putting out his debut solo (underground) album titled, “Tex Mex” Stunta who’s alias is The Tex Mex thugga, wanted something that would represent him. “I wanted something that represented my heritage and where I come from. Which is a mixture of Texan and Mexican and I added the Thugga on the end cause that exactly what I am…a Thug! A thugged out Mexican from Texas. I’m trying to stay true to who I am and what I've done. Real Recognize Real!! Real Hustlas....real Grindas....real Street Ni**as....real Rappers. Ya Feel Me!”





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