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Name: Diamonique

Location: Inland Empire, California

Repping: Mexico, California-born


Influences: Lauryn Hill, Tupac, Lady of Rage, Teena Marie, Prince, Michael Jackson

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Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.


For years west coast Hip Hop music has been a man's game. Rappers such as Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Eazy-E as well as many others have pioneered to put the west coast on the map. However, now in 2005, hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn.


The title, "Queen of the West Coast," this year will finally be given to its rightful owner; the one and only, Diamond in Da Ruff, Diamonique. Not only is this female MC known to eat and defeat the competition, but she also possesses the charisma and presence that only a star could exude. This diamond has paid her dues and is ready to come up and take what's hers.

Diamonique is more than focused, she has created an enormous buzz on the streets all independently. Within the last couple of years Nique has put out an album called "Diamond In Da' Ruff", toured the world, and is ready for what is about to happen.


Her album was put together by one of the tightest producers on the west coast, Fingazz of Streetlight Productions. "Diamond In Da' Ruff" was definitely a diamond in da' ruff, but at the same time got her recognition in the game. It showed her skills as an MC with songs like "Boom Bap", as well as her vocal skills on "Taboo" and "Chain Reaction".


She has also worked with producers like, DJ Quik, Jon B., Dr Stank, and Bobby Ross Avila. Diamonique has collaborated with artist such as Hi-C, Big Steele, Sly Boogie, Dirty Birdy, and Xzibit just to name a few. She's also a part of the tightest crew reppin the I.E., Homeless Nation.


Nique has performed with artist like Pitbull, Lil' Jon, Ciara, Baby Bash, D-12, and many others. Her stage presence was described by a concert goer as " da chain!" Nique captivates her audience with raw delivery and intense energy, she was definitely born to perform. Diamonique writes, sings, and produces as well. Her next album "Queen Of Da' West" will wrap the game up!


She plans to release a double album, one rap and one r&b. On this album she we show the world what a real artist consist of, by producing, writing, rapping, and singing. Diamonique will also keep the formula that caught people's attention on the first album, that bangin' production from Fingazz. With other producers like Dr. Stank, Scott Storch, and the Track Starz this album will live up to it's title "Queen Of Da West".

Apparently, Diamonique has alot to thank the Almighty for, as this year promises to be the best yet. She's embarking on a Midwest tour around the United States that promises to be nothing short of the shit.


Nique is also going to the far east side of the world to tour Japan and Spain and represent for Cali's Inland Empire world style. " I want to put the I.E. on the map. I want people all over the world to know the I.E. like they know L.A., Oakland, Long Beach or Compton." So now that this diamond has risen from all the bull that holds most back, what left? Only one more thing ...the world, It's her time to shine!





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