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Name: idee4

Location: Dominican Republica, Cuba




Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.


IDee4 is an up and coming hip hop group from the Miami area. The crew consists of three members: two emcees (Lidl’Mann, DeadShot) and one deejay (DJ Dephtone). All three group members are of Hispanic origin; Dephtone and Lidl’Mann are both Miami-born Cubans, while Deadshot was born in the Dominican Republic, where he lived for 5 years before migrating to the US. Mostly incorporating melodic beats mixed with well-crafted verses and intricate lyricism, IDee4’s sound differs from the traditional “down-south” style of hip hop. The group prides itself on versatility, having the ability to simultaneously appeal to many different crowds, without having to compromise their own unique styles.

Their music is a reflection of not only their experiences growing up in the melting pot known as Miami, but also a reflection of society as a whole. IDee4 has the rare ability to make the average listener think and dance at the same time.

Realizing that they possess a sound different from anything that is currently on radio or television, IDee4’s members have smoothly made the transition from street cipher rappers to independent businessmen, who basically handle every aspect of their careers. IDee4 has made themselves a common name in Miami’s underground hiphop scene, and now plan to expand their musical reach worldwide, which they hope to do through their own label, Eargasm Entertainment.





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