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Name: Aristadoe

Location: Hartford, CT but born and raised in Washington Heights, NY

Repping: Dominican Republic

Influences: Rakim, KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, G-Rap, Big Pun.




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My name is Robert Soto, born and raised in Washington Heights, Uptown NYC. There I learned about graf and the streets, I grew up in an era where the wild cowboys were doing their thing and to the most part, the crack era.

I'm Dominican but at that time, there wasn't a lot of MCs that were Dominican, all we had was 2 in a Room and that was House music. I used to write graf, bomb all city before I became an MC. I used to tag up (REB) 2.6.S Crew even when most cats stopped writing, it just felt right, later finding out I was doing Hip Hop and didn't even notice until now.
I went to five different high schools in NYC: G. Washington, Ervin, Bertrim and I graduated from Evander Child's in the Bronx. I grew up listening to Rakim, he taught me how to paint pictures, and lace down long verses. KRS-One opened up my mind, he was the one that kept me out of trouble sometimes, and Kane taught me about the punchlines and speed. I now live in Hartford, Connecticut for the past five years, I get a lot of college support like 89.3 WRTC FM and 88.1 WESU Middletown, CT. I have also done radio promos and I have an album out right now called "Uninvited". Gee I wonder why.





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