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rapper Enot

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Name: Enot

Location: Bronx, New York

Repping: Dominican Republic




Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.


ENOT, known as “Boogie Down’s Boldest“, is an emcee that embodies Hip-Hop in its purest form. The young rapper’s style is as colorful but intricate as the graffiti artwork that covers the buildings on his streets. His playful style and live stage shows remind us why true heads always traveled Uptown when they wanted to really party, yet his street credibility is as solid as the concrete blocks of Gun Hill Road or the walls of the Grand Concourse.

Still, what he feels sets him apart from all chain swinging, gun toting emcees is his originality. “I’m not afraid to experiment or approach the music from a different point of view”. Case in point: His raunchy lead single “FASTER”, which invites the ladies to do just that; do it “FASTER”. Tracks such as this one and the soon to be underground classic "Coming 2 America" broadened his appeal past state lines and earned him a fan base which is still growing via the internet and college radio nationwide.

Now armed with his debut album "THE PASTPORT" which he released independently through AMG (Anonymous Music Group) The son of Dominican parents plans to make a mark not just in his home town of The Bronx but on the national level as well.





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