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rapper Bori Puro

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Name: Bori Puro

Location: Bridgeport, CT

Repping: Puerto Rico



Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.


Getting straight into it, Alfonso "BORI PURO" Parra born in Stamford, CT
Nov. 10th 1981. Raised in Bridgeport,CT by his mother, father was a deadbeat. BORI has had a love for music since as far back as he can remember. He got into rapping while in high school but it was nothing more than a hobby. While recording with his cousin ABUELO he met SYNN and a year after around 2001 to 2002 DJ TITO GOYA and FLYNTT HEFFNER came down from the Bronx to get him. He became part of a "DARK WATERS ENTERTAINMENT". He has been with the Waters ever since. BORI has performed in New York and many spots in Connecticut. Around 2005 Dark Waters was featured in under labels, August feature. BORI has been working with "STATE OF THE ART UNION" performing at venues they have.

BORI has collabed with people from New Mexico, California, Ecuador, Australia and of course Connecticut and New York. 2006 put out a mixtape with various artist called "THE REALNESS IN UNDERGROUND "hosted by DJ Halo. He is now working on his solo mixtape called "DEATH BEFORE
DISHONOR". He has his songs playing on different college and internet
radio and continues to grow in with the Underground Movement. His heart
is in Hip Hop but he has grown attached to Latin Hip Hop and is now getting
into Reggeaton. Bori has recently got down with "Mafia Negra Records" which is run by "Mike MIc" out of New Haven, CT but also has members across the tri-state and in certain parts around Latin America.





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