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rapper Sal Soto from Perth Australia

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Name: Sal

Location: Perth, Australia

Repping: El Salvador


Influences: Nas, Drake, Kanye West, Neptunes, Kanye West, Timbaland, Tha Bizness David Guetta, Marvin Gaye, Jaime Foxx, Pharrell






Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.


I was born in El Salvador, but I've lived my whole life in Perth, Australia. I've been making beats for a few years, but had trouble getting placements in the industry.  


In 2009 I went out to the One Stop Shop conference in Phoenix, Arizona, and ended up staying out in L.A for a few months.  I realized that I needed to show and prove that I could set myself apart from the plethora of beatmakers out there, in order to have a chance to live as an artist.


I wanted to prove I could do more than just make beats; I wanted to show that I could create full songs, produce, compose, write, record and mix whilst being versatile and touching on all related genres. I wanted to prove I could do things none of these other guys could do, and I am currently in the process of proving that.

The first project in my task of proving my abilities as an artist was an album (Future Show Vol.1... An Ode to the Science of Lust), a concept I created where I put it to myself to conceive everything from scratch. A project I created completely on my own, from a technical, physical and creative point of view, which means every second on that album was composed, produced, mixed and mastered by me, and every vocal was also performed and recorded by none other than myself.


I fabricated a completely new image of me, a new style and musically, I created a hybrid of modern genres whilst trying to keep a plausibly marketable sound. Over the past few years, I never thought I'd be recording as an artist.  But my ambition is to work in the industry, and If I manage to get signed as an artist somewhere, I'd be deeply satisfied.  Though deep down I hope the release of this project leads to work as a writer/producer.

I just released a purely Hip Hop mixtape which you can catch on my blog or Facebook for free, and I'm currently working on a post Hip Hop project (most likely an EP) of about five to six songs.


After I'm done showing what I'm capable of, I hope I can begin to work and contribute to the world as an artist.

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