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Mala Reignz

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Name: Mala Reignz

Location: Bronx, NYC

Repping: Nuyorican



Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.


When Bronx-born Adrienne Malave grips her mic, she immediately transforms into the femme fatale Mala Reignz. Standing tall at 4 feet 11 inches, the petite powerhouse spits lyrics with the ferocity of a giant. Beginning as a slam poet, Mala's gift of phenomenal wordplay was immediately embraced by the New York City poetry circuit. With Hip-Hop in her heart and rhythm running through her veins, it was evident that she was destined for the title of FeMC.

Once Mala Reignz stepped to the platform, her raw talent was recognized by anyone who witnessed it. Her first show ever was at the infamous Knitting Factory, where the crowd was left with uncontrollable applause. From there, came several spots on the Latin network Mun2, including a 30-minute documentary on her life. Mala has performed along the East coast in both venues and colleges, even holding it down for the ladies in the midst of an all male lineup. Her MySpace page sees hundreds of hits per day, and her fanbase is continually growing.

The time has come for Mala Reignz to bring her unique sound to the forefront and introduce the rest of the world to a woman who will be a problem for MCs both male and female. Mala's here to bring Hip-Hop blessed by a woman's touch, starting with her new mixtape The Introduction in stores this year. Her song 'I Will Not Lose' is an anthem for the streets, signifying what it takes to keep your head above water in any situation. The b-side 'Takin It' is an ode to any woman who fills every role in life and stands as an independent survivor. And her buzz record, 'Bx Til' I Die' not only attracted much needed attention back to the birthplace of Hip-Hop, it gained enough buzz to land a spot in rotation on cable television's MUSIC CHOICE (Rap Channel). The BX Til' I Die music video is set to drop mid-January 2008 along with her official single "Here We Come" featuring Opera Steve.

Mala Reignz will be blessing stages and radio stations this summer to promote the release of The Introduction. Her ability to speak the truth about life, love, and womanhood, while at the same time verbally destroying any contender, is a gift that very few MCs have. She's honed her skills for years and is now geared to become a household name. MCs beware! Mala Reignz will not lose!




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