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Jaime Mines

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Name: Jaime Mines

Location: Houston, Texas

Repping: Mexico



Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.


Jaime Mines AKA J. Mines was born in 1983, a proud Mexican-American rapper and native-born Houstonian.  Ever since he was a child, his home was filled with the sounds of Cumbia, Ranchera and Norteño music.  His father, Joaquin Mines, played the guitar and sang canciones, giving Jaime his appreciation for Latin music.


Not everything in Jaime's past was harmonious, however.  Jaime's father and several of his brothers were left by his mother while Mines was still a child.  As the youngest child of a broken home, Jaime turned to music as a form of escape.  Tension between the brothers and their father grew when Joaquin remarried.  By 1994, Jaime and his brother Jorge Luis Mines ran away, seeking refuge in a car parked outside of the seedy Stonebrook Apartments.  Surrounded by drugs and violence, Jaime quickly adapted to street life to survive.


Mines had little faith in what school could offer him, as the streets provided a faster way to pay the bills than classes could.  Jaime found himself in and out of jail, and following a path that could only lead to self-destruction.  By 2006, he turned back to the escape that had been there for him since childhood: music.  He changed his life from serving drugs, to serving up his own brand of Hip Hop flavored with Cumbia.


Now a recognized name in the Houston Hip Hop scene, Jaime Mines is presently gaining buzz with his debut mixtape "Get Ferria, Give them Guerra."  Mines is also in the process of recording the "Jugadores" collaboration album with rapper Joe Mexican.





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