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rapper Frankie Krutches

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Name: Frankie Krutches

Location: Canarsie, Brooklyn NY

Repping: Puerto Rico


Influences: Biggie and Jay-Z




Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.


In the mid 90's a new era of hip-hop was beginning, from the trend setting rhymes and style of Jay-Z to the raw and untamed sounds of DMX. As the entertainment world embraced these new changes Brandon Pinzon aka Frankie Krutches was dealing with a change of his own. Around that same time Frankie lost his left leg to a gunshot wound, an incident that many have suffered but never fully overcame but this life altering situation was taken head on and accepted by him not as a burden but a challenge.

Raised in Canarsie Brooklyn Krutch dealt with turmoil most of his life from losing his father to HIV to being around while close friends were either killed or sent to jail, as a result of this Krutch quickly learned how to deal with adversity. He used his knack for hustling and grinding in the streets as a way to escape this eminent bleak future he knew he would catch up to him if he continued down the same path as did his friends.

Krutch then began to hit the city nightclubs where he and Diplomats member Jim Jones often ran into each other. Jones took a liking to Frankie and from there Krutch began to be frequent around Harlem were he, Jones, Cam'ron and the whole Dipset crew began a relationship that would quickly end as fast as it began.

Before Krutch severed ties with Dipset he made the best of the opportunity, with appearances on the Sprite Liquid Mix Tour and several Diplomats Tours, he has graced the stages with of hip hop legends like Jay-Z, Cam'ron and the whole Dip Set/Roc-A-Fella Family. This only propelled Krutch to bigger and better things including being featured in numerous videos such as Cam'ron's "Hey Ma", Master P and Dipset "Bout It Bout It" and Fat Joe's "Take A Look At My Life" video just to name a few.

After a two year run with Dipset Jones and Krutch didn't see eye to eye on a couple of issues which led to Krutch leaving Dipset and ultimately returning to the streets. This was yet another challenge that Krutch welcomed and was sure to make the best of.

When Frankie left Dipset he took a with him an idea that Cam'ron ran past him and that was for Krutch to become an artist something that he thought was foolish at the time. As time passed and Krutch no longer with the Dips he decided to give becoming an artist a shot. The first step Krutch took in that direction was starting his own C4 Records imprint, shortly after that he then released a series of mixtapes which has accumulated a total of 20,000 units sold to date.

Krutch has then went on to work extensively with top producers such as GQ Beatz, New Jersey Devil, Oddz N Endz and the Heatmakerz, and also collaborations with top underground artists that include, Maino, Vic Damone, Chingo Bling, Rob Kelly and many more. He also has received the support from A-list celebrity DJ's like Funkmaster Flex, DJ Kay Slay, DJ Clue, Sickamore, Superstar J, DJ On Point, DJ Radio and DJ Wats.

Frankie Krutches is a man determined to reach an audience that share similar struggles and obstacles as he talks about his real life experiences, growing up physically unequal and his grind on the streets. His ultimate goal is to enlighten individuals with disabilities that they can achieve far beyond the barriers of society. And to also give hope to those who grew up or are growing up in a hostile environment.





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