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rapper A-Train

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Location: Silver Spring, MD

Repping: El Salvador & Peru


Influences: Big Pun, dead prez, Mos Def



Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.


Music is my essence. As a kid I used to listen to old 45’s with my pops, everything from Marvin Gaye to Oscar de Leon. It’s only natural that I mixed my love for music and a love for my people to create my own brand of hip-hop. Politics and the collective community consciousness have always been of utmost importance to me.

I’ve always been the go to guy for hip-hop. In high school, I staged battles at lunch time with special permission from the security guards and principal. I was the only one with Tony Touch’s 50 MC’s mixtape so I hooked everyone up. I remember I got my hands on Nas’ “I Am” 2 months before it dropped and hooked my whole school up. I always wanted to be that dude. I’m the cat who will argue hip-hop all day everyday with anyone who will listen. I started DJing at 13 and began writing lyrics casually later throughout high school.

In college I hosted my own hip-hop radio show for a few years and kept DJing as well. The college I went to taught me a lot because of the disproportionate racial demographics at the school and the inequality in the surrounding community. I love the time I spent at Salisbury University because it showed me the real United States . As I began to learn more about politics, history and modern day problems that plague our community like poverty, mis-education and racism, I began to really come full circle with my lyrics and music. I started performing, battling and speaking out more and more. By the time I graduated I had performed up and down Maryland ’s Eastern Shore , DC , Pittsburgh and Florida . I’ve collaborated with Cypher Street Music, Tribes of Africa (my Nigerian soldiers!) my own Spic Spit Movement (Latinos Stand Up!), Dash down in Florida and countless mixtape djs. I’m down to move with people who are “down for a cause, not just because”.

I try to combine lyricism with pertinent issues that everyone can understand. You can sum up my music by one of my quotes from “Geek Down” (Welcome to the Revolution Vol.1): “People don’t listen to the message if the music is wack”. I truly believe that and so I’m going to continue to keep elevating the music, crushing all that ignorant minstrel show, snap music nonsense. In 2006 I dropped “Welcome to the Revolution Vol. 1” and followed that up in 2007 with “RE:Evolution”. “Resurrecting the Champ” EP is scheduled for early 2008.





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