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Arcángel: Return of the Phenomenon [ En Español Click Aqui ]
2/2/12 at 8:20 AM ET - exclusive interview by Dante


Arcangel reggaeton

Austin Santos, better known to reggaeton fans as Arcángel, was born in 1985 in New York.  Music was part of the artist's DNA, thanks to his Dominican mother's past involvement with the famous Merengue group "Las Chicas del Clan."  But it wasn't until well after moving to Puerto Rico that Arcángel became an established name in music.  Baby Records owner Zion signed Arcángel and Rafael "De La Ghetto" Castillo to a deal, although the duo never released a studio album together.  Frustrations between Arcángel and the label led towards his decision to break free and embark on a solo career at the end of 2006.


In 2008, Arcángel launched his widely-successful album "El Fenómeno" through his own label, Flow Factory Music, under the management of his mother Carmen Santos.  Four years, multiple awards, several mixtapes and hundreds of shows later, Arcángel has returned with his sophomore album titled "Sentimiento Elegancia y Maldad."  Arcángel recently spoke to about his upcoming album in this exclusive interview. You waited four years before coming out with new material, is there a reason for that?

I'm really demanding with my music, and I have taken my time because I want to reach perfection in my sound as well as my lyrics, I would say that I'm very demanding with myself and the work that I do.

What's something new that you can offer the public and your fans about the new album?

This real feeling of experiences lived by me, which the public will be able to relate to because these are things that happen to all human beings

You've previously worked with many producers in the industry, but what beat makers can the public expect to hear on this project?

I'm working with the best producers in urban music. That's Tainy [Tunes], Mambo Kings, el Arma Secreta, and many other producers.

Which guests have the honor of working on this album?

Well look, I have some tracks with Daddy Yankee and the participation of the great talent of De La Ghetto.

What's going to be the first single, and what track will be the second single?

The track titled "Me Prefieres a Mi," and we still don't know what the second single will be, but we have a lot in mind.

Have you already shot the video for "Me Prefieres a Mi?"

In something like two weeks we're shooting the video in Puerto Rico.

Aside from music, what other projects have you had the opportunity to work on?

In 2007 I had the opportunity to act in a Puerto Rican film titled "Muerte en el Paraíso".

Would you like to start an acting career?

If I was presented with the opportunity in the future, I'd love to, but meanwhile what I'm really dedicated to is music.

For those that don't know, explain to us what Flow Factory is.

Well, Flow Factory is my company, created by yours truly, and we have been very successful.  And because of that,  Flow Factory is dedicated to working with only one artist, and that's me.

You were born in New York but moved to Puerto Rico, why is that?  It's always the opposite, people move from PR to New York.

I don't know.  I went to PR really young, since I was four months old.  And all that time my family lived in Puerto Rico and my mother lived in New York, because she was in music, but finally decided to move back to Puerto Rico.

Do you have anything to say to Arcángel fans?

Thanks for all your support, I love you all a lot, expect many good things from me this year, I won't let you down.

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