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A&X Present their New Single "La Vaina" Along With a New DJ Concept Under "El Adictivo Sonido"
June 22, 2012 at 10:30 AM ET - / Socialite Agency


A&X La Vaina

A&X are pleased to announce the release of their very first full-length Tribal-Mexican rhythm single titled, "La Vaina" under their new artistic name El Adictivo Sonido L.A.X.. El Adictivo Sonido L.A.X. includes the three music pioneers under Orfanato Music Group: Linkon, Alcover, and Xtassy. The trio have also incorporated a DJ concept that delivers an edge to their new alias.

Duo music producers A&X - who are signed under Superstar Don Omar's record label ORFANATO MUSIC GROUP - continue to prove that they are men of many talents when it comes to the music industry. This month, A&X have stepped it up a notch by creating a new DJ concept that revitalizes the meaning of being a producer and DJ. El Adictivo Sonido L.A.X. have included several new rhythms and sounds to their music and have enhanced their concept by adding many distinctive changes to their onstage performances. The new onstage concept that they are using to revolutionize the DJ world according to A&X is by:

"Creating an exciting performance with light shows, up tempo music, live synthesizers, and so on. We are aiming to make our performances as DJ's go above and beyond of what people expect from an ordinary DJ. The idea of our name El Adictivo Sonido L.A.X. is about making a statement, which is why we created our first song "La Vaina."

"La Vaina" has rapidly become a new online sensation on several websites leading to thousands of downloads within its early release this past Tuesday. It is evident that A&X are taking a new route with their musical productions, as they have fused "La Vaina" with exotic tribal and Mexican rhythms that have been gaining popularity. Their new alias, El Adictivo Sonido L.A.X. also incorporates their own vocals in the song leading to a different approach that emphasizes their new concept as producers and DJs.

As they continue to master their trade and dominate the latin music industry with their lengthy and impressive track list of hits that have peaked at #1 on top charts time and time again, it comes as no surprise that "La Vaina" has already reached latin radio stations around the world. Additionally, with large personalities supporting their new single like Superstar DON OMAR, it is highly expected that "La Vaina" will be frequently played on his very own radio station Red Link Radio.

The alias El Adictivo Sonido L.A.X. is their new adventure name and is not to be confused with their producer name, A&X. The alias is part of the idea behind their concept and will be used when being booked for shows. "La Vaina" can be automatically downloaded by clicking here.

Official Website:

A&X on Twitter:!/AlcoverMTO

A&X on Twitter:!/Xtassy_AnX  


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