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Mambo Electronico Artist 2NYCe Releases "Esta Fiesta" Single
9/8/11 - news / VIP Music press release


2nyce Esta Fiesta

VIP Music proudly presents "La Nueva Sensacion Urbana" 2NYCe.  With style, versatility and energetic stage presence, he is quickly rising as the most promising Dominican artist from Miami.  2NYCe released his hit single "Esta Fiesta", which features Sito Rocks from the Mun2 program "RPM Miami."

Esta Fiesta was produced by Genio, one of Miami's most accomplished producers.  The song represents an Urban Latin style of Merengue better known as "Mambo Electronico," a genre popularized by artists such as Omega, El Cata, Fuego, and many others.


Thanks to it's catchy hook and rhythm, Esta Fiesta has become popular with night club goers nationwide.  The song not only emphasizes the power of the DJ, but places a spotlight on the party goers themselves.



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