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Edward James Olmos interview

It's a film that touches humanity. It will play in China as well as it will play in Mexico, as well as it will play in London. People will feel the strength of the humanity that's being represented. That's all you could ever ask for.


~ Edward James Olmos on "Filly Brown"


Edward James Olmos Interview - Click Here

Nani Castle

Bronx-born, Staten Island-raised rapper Nani Castle aka Emiliana Castillo drops her long-awaited mixtape "The Amethyst Tape."


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Daddy Yankee Red Cross

American Red Cross honors school with Daddy Yankee visit. La Cruz Roja Americana premia escuela ganadora con visita de Daddy Yankee.


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Filly Brown

Actress Gina Rodriguez speaks to us about preparing for her film role as rapper Filly Brown, as well as the keys to her success in our latest interview.


Gina Rodriguez Interview - Click Here

Kat Dahlia

Kat Dahlia puts her life on wax through singing and rapping, the Miami Cuban speaks with us about her new single "Gangsta" and upcoming album.


Kat Dahlia Interview - Click Here

Chingo Bling

Chingo Bling speaks on evolving as an artist, new projects, and appearing in the April 19 movie "Filly Brown" with Jenni Rivera & Edward James Olmos.


Chingo Bling Interview - Click Here

G-U of Elevation 420

Washington State rapper G-U drops his "Silver Bullet" mixtape for free download, speaks on the challenges of building a Hip Hop career in small towns.


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Fresh off a two-year prison bid, Dallas by way of Vallejo, California rapper and former Funky Aztecs member Merc100Man drops his latest album.


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Mr Miranda

Phoenix rapper Mr. Miranda keeps it old-school cool with his music, and talks to us about his latest projects and surprising family ties.


Mr Miranda Interview English - En Español




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